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Kleine Kerkstraat 12 5911 GK Venlo

077-354 72 36

dinsdag t/m zondag 16.00 uur tot 23.00 uur

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india2India culture had placed lote of importance in hospitality, which is the literal meaning of :

In every indian house the guest is next God and it is the duty of the indian culture to show respect an hospitality to their guests through indian art, culture and culinary style. It’s mystic orient has an irrestible attraction no less for the gastronomic adventure than for the tourist, the naturalist and sunbather. Within the indian subcontinent itself, there are many different ethic and religious groups. Each group has its own distinctive culture and culinary stile. The botter the climate, the botter the food. The mildest curries are Kashmiri, from the mountains of Northern India. The much botter ones come from the baking plains of the South. The art of blending herbs and spice, balancing flavours and textures is the essence of good indian cooking.

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Keulsepoort 14, 5911 BZ Venlo, Nederland

maandag tot en met vrijdag van 11.00 tot 14.30 uur, vanaf 17.30 uur kunt u gebruik maken van ons onbeperkt eten concept,zaterdag en zondag van 14.00 tot 17.30 uur. Vanaf 17.30 uur kunt u gebruik maken van ons onbeperkt eten concept.

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